Wood Spheres & More Air Plant Collection

Our Spheres are hand cut from the roots of naturally water resistant woods like Teak, Cypress and Eucalyptus. Each sphere is a one-of-a-kind piece, enhanced by the natural beauty of cracks, holes and crevices only Mother Nature can create.

We decorate each piece with a variety of air plants in various species and sizes, all tastefully fitted into the natural nooks and crannies. The final creation is a well-balanced, living piece of art that will compliment any decor.

We guarantee healthy plants, but the plants we ship are typically not in bloom as sometimes pictured. Part of the fun with air plants is watching them grow and transform as they enter the flowering cycle. So please be patient, keep your plants healthy and they will bloom, produce pups and provide you with lot's of enjoyment. If you liked our Wood Spheres you will also like our Exotica Air Plant Collection.

PLEASE NOTE: We build all our displays as orders are placed. This typically takes from 2-4 days. Thanks for your patience.

Living Air Plant Wood Spheres
Living Air Plant Wood Spheres from $65.00
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Cigar Box Planters with Ionantha Air Plant Ball
Cigar Box Planter with Ionantha Air Plant Cluster $45.00
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Heat Pack for Winter Freeze Zone Shipping
Heat Pack for Winter Freeze Zone Shipping $4.00 - Sold Out
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