All About The Tillandsias

The Tillandsia, more commonly referred to as Air Plants, are unique plants from the Bromeliad family. They are colorful, easy to care for, exotic and very affordable. Air Plants are becoming more and more popular every day, making them perfect for small urban settings and apartments. 

There are currently around 500 various types of Tillandsia for sale, most of which are native to the West Indies, Mexico, and much of Central America, south to Colombia, eastern Brazil and Argentina. They are also grown and widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical states, from California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. They range in size from a few inches to as large as 4 feet.

Once Air Plants mature and flower, most plants will produce offsets around its base, called Pups. Mature plants will eventually produce many Pups and therefore continue the life cycle. If left to grow together, the Pups grow into beautiful Air Plant clusters.

Another very interesting attribute about Air Plants is that they clean the air and act as a natural air filter. In fact, a few years ago, there was a study that showed that the Tillandsias can clean the air and remove more airborne particles than any other plant on earth. This process is also how they get their nourishment.

Tillandsias are one of the most forgiving and easy types of plants to care for. The watering requirements may need to be adjusted, based on how dry or humid your home is. The best starting plan is to mist them twice a week, followed by a good soaking twice a month. 

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