Plantstr's Air Plant Story

Les and Terry Stein of PlantstrPlantstr is about making you feel good about yourself and the place you live. Beautiful, exotic flowering air plants to buy will do that for you. The problem was always that buying plants online was too complicated, and the only other option was to hoof it out of the city to a plant store or a greenhouse, most of which don't even have air plants.  Plus — and let’s be honest — it’s not easy to keep a lot of plants alive. Plantstr was our solution.

We founded Plantstr in 2013 with the idea that buying cool house and office plants should be as easy as ordering a book or downloading a movie. We’re a small, family-owned business perfectly situated in beautiful Miami, Florida. Here, an enormous variety of air plants from all over the world are grown year round. We bring that variety to you.

We love all kinds of plants, but we specialize in the exotic, rare air plants that are easy to care for. All of our plants, containers and terrariums can be purchased separately, or as a "Kit" – so you can easily build your own terrarium based on the theme you purchased. Our designer "Kits" include everything you'll need to assemble your terrarium, as well as a picture of what your terrarium should look like.

If you have any questions, let us know or check out our helpful Frequently Asked Questions section. And happy air planting.



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