Living Air Plant Wood Spheres

Our Wood Spheres are hand carved from the roots of naturally water resistant Eucalyptus wood. Each sphere is a one-of-a-kind piece, enhanced by the natural beauty of cracks, holes and crevices only Mother Nature can create.

A nice variety of Air Plants and moss are carefully fitted into the cracks and craters to create a unique, one-of-a-kind living piece of art.

Choose from two sizes built on either 4" @ $65 or 6" @ $125. Finished sizes are approximately 7" and 12".

CARE: Rotate to give even light and mist generously twice a week. Don’t worry about getting the wood wet, the eucalyptus actually smells great. Add a pinch of fertilizer to your mister about once a month. Orchid fertilizer works well when diluted to 1/4 the strength. Go easy - less is more here.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, we can not ship our Spheres due to the delicate nature of the piece. These are built as Special Order and require pick-up (by appointment only) at our Studio in Miami. Please contact me for details –

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