AIR PLANT REVIEW – 5 Reasons Why Air Plants Make Wonderful Gifts

Posted on December 03, 2014 by Les Stein


Looking for Holiday Gifts that are truly unique, exotic and really cool? Give a gift that keeps on giving.

Air Plants are colorful, easy to care for, exotic and affordable. Due to the many positive attributes of Air Plants, they are becoming more and more popular, making them perfect for urban setting, including apartments, homes, offices, restaurants and store displays.

1)  Air Plants Are Cleanrequires no soil

Because Tillandsia are epiphytes, meaning they grow as a host, they require absolutely no soil to survive. The roots, or fingers act only as anchors to attach themselves to their host. Air Plants are found growing on trees, rocks, fences, power lines and numerous other objects. They are able to absorb all the water and nutrients they need to survive directly from the air and through their leaves.

2)   Air Plants Are Easy To Care Forjust mist 2x week

Most air plants do well with a good misting every few days, plus a good soak at least once a month. Mist your plants with 2-3 sprays for small globes, more if in a larger open container. If the humidity is very low in your home, misting more often may be necessary for healthy, thriving plants.

3)  Air Plants Are Hardyadaptable to most environments

Air plants are very hardy and will tolerate temperatures ranging from 45º to 100º Fahrenheit. If you live up north and frost is approaching, it’s time to move your plants indoors. Inside, Air Plants need to be near a window to receive adequate, filtered light – avoid direct sun, especially if your plants are in a globe.

4)  Air Plants Clean The Air – act as natural air filters

Another very interesting attribute about Air Plants is that they clean the air and act as a natural air filter. In fact, a few years ago, there was a study that showed that the Tillandsias can clean the air and remove more airborne particles than any other plant on earth.

5)  Air Plants Have Magnificent Bloomsbursting with color

When a Tillandsia begins to flower, the uppermost leaves start to turn a bright red, and depending on variety, produce various types of flowers, ranging from red, pink, purple and yellow tubular flowers with bright violet petals. Flowering Tillandsias are absolutely gorgeous. 

With proper care and a friendly environment, Tillandsias will live and reproduce for many years. They truly provide a gift that keeps on giving!

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Happy Air Planting!

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