AIR PLANT REVIEW – The Extraterrestrial Bulbosa Belize

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Les Stein


The Bulbosa Belize is one of my favorite Tillandsia, or Air Plants. It is a very exotic and distinctive variety that shares little similarity in appearance to other air plants. The Bulbosa is native to the West Indies, southern Mexico, and much of Central America, south to Colombia and eastern Brazil. It typically grows in dense masses in forests on trees and in mangrove thickets along the coast, as well as fences, posts, cliffs and rocks. Its very adaptable and found at elevations from sea level to 5,000 feet.

Its base is a large bulbous mass, producing narrow, oddly twisted and curly leaves, giving this variety an extraterrestrial appearance. When the Bulbosa begins to flower, the uppermost leaves become bright red and produce tubular flowers with bright violet petals. The flowering Bulbosa is absolutely gorgeous.

After flowering, each plant will produce offsets, called Pups around its base. Mature plants will eventually produce many Pups and continue the life cycle. If left to grow together, the Pups will produce a beautiful Bulbosa cluster.

This plant will benefit from frequent misting, especially during the warmer months when it produces most of its annual growth. Most Tillandsia, including the Bulbosa, require bright, diffused sunlight and will benefit from misting several times per week, as well as a soaking bath every month. Click here for more information on Air Plant Care

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