Premium Variety Pack of 20 Air Plants

This is our premium collection of 20 Tillandsia Air Plants with a nice mix of species and sizes. Varieties may include multiples of Abdita, Ionanthas, Velutina, Victoriana and Funckiana, as well as some larger species like Bulbosa, Butzii, Juncea and Caput Medusea.

Selection is our choice based on seasonal availability.

IMPORTANT: If you live in a FREEZE ZONE, we highly recommend purchasing a 72 Hour Heat Pack to help protect your plants during shipping. With 2-3 day USPO Shipping, we do everything possible to ensure your plants arrive healthy, but if its freezing outside during transport, left in a truck overnight or left outside your home in cold weather, your plants will freeze and die. This is the only way to protect your plants during shipment in the winter months.


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