Air Plants: The Exotic Saviors Of Your Home Decor

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Les Stein

Where to Buy Air Plants Terrarium
Air plants
are ideal for those who have a phobia for houseplants but would still like to enjoy the luxury of modern beautiful home decor. These exotic plants are easy to grow and are quite tidy since they can grow and thrive without soil. They are becoming quite popular and readily available for purchase even in online markets. However, not all may be reputable dealers and a reputable one is highly recommended. Plantstr is a great choice, and you can check out their prices and stock. There is a large variety to choose from plus customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You will get fresh air plants straight from the green house. However I must warn you, choosing is definitely going to be hard. They are all so adorable.

What makes air plants exotic plants is their ability to survive long on neglect. They are warm weather tolerant hence the fancy attribute. However, as much as they are easy to grow certain important guidelines should be strictly followed to take care of them and in turn keep your home's elegance. First, as the name suggests, constant air supply is a vital need for these exotic plants. It is important to ensure that your air plant are put in properly aerated areas of your home. If not create necessary vents to ease in air supply. As I mentioned earlier, air plants are dependent on warm weather and will die if kept in places where temperatures are below 45 degrees. If you live in temperate areas you can grow the air plants even outside your house provided that you protect them from the cold during the winter.

Like other plants, air plants also require fertilizer. You should try to fertilize your air plants at least once a week. The fertilizer should be a liquid low-level nitrogen mixed at only a quartrer strength. Another vital requirement you should consider when taking care of your air plants is moisture. Moisturizing the exotic plants should be done daily unless it is winter, in which case moisturizing twice or once a weak will be fair.

Despite being warm-weather tolerant, air plants should be protected and kept away from direct sunlight. In outdoor environments they will thrive best in partial or dappled shades. Indoor environments should be brightly lit and the lights filtered appropriately.

Reputable dealers are very important too. They offer the best deals and discounts in the first place. Secondly, air plants are quite delicate and so this requires you to liaise with reputable dealers when purchasing them. Reputable dealers usually have the best grown and disease free air plants available in stock. Reputable dealers also offer invaluable advice on how you can handle or take care of these exotic plants. Lastly a reputable dealer will surely come in handy when you need assistance in choosing an air plant that may suit your home and needs.

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