Where to Buy Air Plants - 4 Things To Know Before You Buy

Posted on February 09, 2015 by Les Stein

While Air Plants have become extremely popular for decorating and hobbies, there are relatively few local places to actually buy Air Plants. Finding a good, reliable supplier requires some research. There are many online resources to buy air plants, but you’ll first need to find a good resource to learn about and investigate the various varieties available.

Since there are over 550 types known, your initial task is find a few good resources that have quality pictures and information on the many types air plants available. Once you find a few resources, you need to then narrow down your selection by those that fit into your project or collection, then narrow that search by size, price and availability.

So now you think you know what you want, the next challenge is where can you actually buy Air Plants? If you are not a wholesale buyer like most of us, then unfortunately, few local resources exist that will sell to the hobbyist or collector. A good place to start is your local Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs. Sometimes they have Air Plants vendors in attendance, but most aren’t able to provide a large variety of Air Plant species for sale at their booth. And if it’s winter where you live… forget about it. Since floral shops and garden centers typically don’t inventory Air Plants, your next best option is the Internet.

Sites like ETSY have numerous sellers that carry air plants. While most are smaller shops, you’ll still be able to learn about Air Plants, see how others are using them and choose some of the varieties that best fit into your projects. There are also a few larger sellers on ETSY, and there are several larger companies with their own online stores. Most make purchasing very easy and safe. Several of the larger shops offer nice Variety Packs. These are good places to start to buy your Air Plants and build your collection. Shop wisely, prices vary considerably, and so do plant size and quality.

If you live in a Freeze Zone when ordering, be sure the supplier offers a Winter Heat Pack to protect you plants during cold weather shipping.

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