Air Plants, Unique Valentines Day Gifts That “Keep On Giving"

Posted on January 29, 2015 by Josh Stein

It’s that time of year again. Time to tell that someone special how much you really care. So what’s it going to be this year? Another flower arrangement, more roses or how about some candy… hope not.

This year give a unique gift that actually keeps on giving. One that will provide years of enjoyment… an exotic air plant display from Plantstr. Choose from our various Terrarium Globes Kits, our simplistic Zen Collection, our Exotica Wood Collection or from our Treasures of the Sea. Each of our collections are perfectly matched to fit into any décor, from Traditional and Art Deco to Zen and Minimalist, we make buying unique air plant gifts easy.

Our 6” Hanging Terrarium Globe Kits are one of our most popular gift items. Each of our Kits come complete with everything needed to create your very own custom designed terrarium. Unlike many of the smaller globes offered, our large 6” glass terrariums have a wide opening, making it very easy to assemble and maintain your air plants. You can use everything we send, or add some of your own personal touches, Building our kits is only ½ the fun, ­ the other ½ is watching your air plants grow and bloom for years to come.

Be sure to place your order no later than February 5th to ensure delivery before Valentine’s Day.

PLEASE NOTE: During the winter months, we highly recommend purchasing a Heat Pack for shipping. If your gift is going to a Freeze Zone, this is the best $4.50 insurance you can buy to protect your plants from freezing. While we do our best to insure arrival of healthy plants by using USPO 2-3 Day Priority Mail, we have no control over Postal delivery schedules or temperature.