So what exactly is an Air Plant?

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Josh Stein

The Air Plant, also know as Tillandsia, might just be the ultimate urban houseplant.

Various Air Plants from The Exotica CollectionThe Fuego Air Plant In Flower

The Tillandsia, more commonly referred to as Air Plants, are unique plants from the Bromeliad family. They are colorful, easy to care for, exotic and very affordable.

Plantstr has been selling Air Plants successfully for many years and they are becoming more popular every day. With Air Plants, the care is minimal, they don’t attract insects and they are perfect for small urban settings and apartments. 

There are currently around 500 various types of Tillandsias, most of which are native to Central America, South America and Mexico. They range in size from a few inches to as large as 4 feet across.

Once Air Plants mature and flower, they produce babies, also know as pups, and can have as many as 12. Once a mother plant flowers, it will never flower again, slowly dying within a few years. During this time, the pups are getting all of the nutrients from the mother plant. Eventually, the pups will flower and the cycle will continue.

Another interesting feature about Air Plants is that they clean the air. In fact, a few years ago, there was a study that showed that the Tillandsias can clean the air and remove more airborne particles than any other plant on earth. This is also how they get their nourishment.

 Tillandsias are also one of the most forgiving and easy to care for plants available, although the watering requirements can be a little tricky. The best option is to mist them once a week or you can run the plant under a faucet. If the plant starts to dry out, submerge it overnight to rehydrate it.

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